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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is an open industry standard application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol network.

In simple terms, what the protocol does is reading and editing directories over different Internet Protocol Networks and then runs directly over TCP/IP using simple string formats for data transfer. Actually the directory services are really important as they allow sharing of information, system networks, services and applications. So the LDAP, provides a common and specified place to store the usernames and passwords.

And for doing this the user needs to connect to an Lightweight Directory Access Protocol network first. After that the user has to send an operational request to the server and in turn a server sends response in return to the user. And that is how the process goes on and the user does the work using LDAP.


Connecting with the LDAP, is all about increasing the speed and efficiency of the system.

◆ currently, at present there are many versions of LDAP including OpenLDAP, ApacheDS, OpenDJ, 389 Directory Server, and more.

◆ LDAP is used to stores information about the authorization, authentication, servers, computers, and other IT assets of the user at a central specified place.

◆ the thing about LDAP is that LDAP stores data in a hierarchical format and it is really a better option and it makes it really faster than storing data in a relational database.

◆ The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is used to store data but it does not any kind of row, tables or any other database attributes.

◆ The LDAP is beneficial for the companies that want to enhance their performance as it used the client server architecture.

● The LDAP helps to provide directory service in a hierarchical structure.

◆ Adding, Binding, Delete, Modify, Unbind etc.and many other operations can be performed using LDAP.         

◆Advantages of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol :

◆ the updation is easy as it is automated and hence works better.

◆ it is easy to use and manage protocol with sufficient flexibility.

◆ industries are using it happily as it is reliable and it has wider support.

◆ It allows use of multiple independent directories.

◆ Once the connection is established, it is easy to transfer data and information.

What else you need to know!

LDAP is not a file system for very large objects

  • as the name suggests it is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol so, it should be made absolutely clear that it is not a file system for very large projects.
  • LDAP is a great way to centrally store files and information but that does not go with the large objects and files.
  • LDAP is really good with some kind of applications, but not with every application.
  • LDAP is one of the efficient ways of data storing and sharing but it is also a fact that it does not have the latest features which some other modern data sharing protocols do have.

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