Tech has advanced and developed with time, and so do the risks of online breaching, which leads to the loss of a lot of critical information. A survey has shown that around 80% of net trespassing includes theft of crucial credentials, and it has become quite a concerning cause for everyone. However, the good part is a security system known as Privileged Access Management (PAM) which ensures the protection of confidential data in cases of breaching.

One can define PAM as the set of cybersecurity strategies and technologies tailored to exert control over privileged information, including credentials, data, figures, and more. 

Privileged access management was introduced due to frequent online breaching and misuse of stolen information. Hence, this management system was created to ensure your vital data does not get slipped into the wrong hands.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using PAM. Keep reading the blog.

Control access to privileged accounts:

One of the significant advantages of using privileged access management is that the owner would have complete access to the crucial accounts.  

Also, with PAM, one can track privileged accounts from one location and can manage the access of the accounts as per the desired roles of a person or according to the need of the situation.

Prevent attacks on privileged accounts:

One of the other perks of using PAM is data safety and security.

With PAM introduced to your system, you can be sure that no breaching of essential data would be done because this system isolates your activity and tracking from other data, ensuring no one gets to track the crucial info. 

Restrain credential sharing:

It’s a less known fact, and only users know it, but es Privileged Access Management restrains the activity of credential sharing. PAM ensures that each user has unique credentials to access the data, thus making it multiple credentials to access the information.

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