What is the need for a zero trust model among enterprises?

The hit of Covid-19 has changed the normal lifestyle and come up with new changes. Work from offices has been shifted to work from home. As a result, business organizations are actively using cloud platforms to assist various devices and networks. Thus, it is high time to prioritize security to guard, detect and diminish modern technology threats. 

The below-listed points clearly state why enterprises need Zero Trust Model Security at their place to secure their networks in the modern era. 

Increase of Cyber Attacks: Cyberattacks are something in the technology world that no organization can get rid of. It is an easy approach for the competitors to give a strong competition in the business world without working much. That is why they are ready to pay vast amounts of ransom to benefit the business organizations. With the Zero Trust Model, business organizations facing such problems can create a strong security guard and deal with any security issues. 

Ineffectiveness of Perimeter-Based Security: Digital technologies are developing faster among business organizations. The digital transformations are not supporting the traditional perimeter-based cyber security models. Thus, perimeters involved in traditional security no longer provide any secure environment. While on the other hand, the Zero Trust Model security provides protection with micro-level authentication and approving access requests at every point within a network to keep track of all the activities. Every request to access the network needs a continuous security check. This helps in minimizing the damage control within the network.

Difficult to keep a security check on all WFH environments – After the existence of Covid-19, work from home has become the new normal in the business world. Working remotely has increased the probability of security risks of unsecured wifi networks and devices. Home-based working setups are not as safe as working office designs for the security of the business networks. The wifi devices used at home do not offer configuration for WPA-2. Without a Zero trust framework, it is impossible to verify and check the security status of all work-from-home environments. 

Don’t Provide All-access to Employees in the Enterprise – How enterprises manage their business and the employees they rely on to do the vital responsibilities are changed. It isn’t easy to trust every single employee within the organization. In addition, anyone from the organization can be the vendor of services. That is why it is essential for all business enterprises not to provide complete access to applications, data, and infrastructure. Instead, apply a well-executed Zero Trust Model security strategy to control business access and maintain the critical dimension of trust within the organization. 

Internet Network is not secure anymore – The Internet Network is not secure anymore. All the applications and workloads have been transferred to the cloud. The employees access them remotely to perform work activities. The concept of maintaining trust is no longer effective in such cases. The Zero Trust Model always provides verified principles to offer complete security. 

With the evolving technologies, it is important to understand the security concept too.

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